Legislative Update

October 26, 2018

By Brian White, KP Public Affairs, FLC Legislative Advocate and Larry Camp, FLC Legislative Committee

The legislative season was a busy one this year. The fires of 2017 and 2018 created a lot of positive discussions about forest management and fires. FLC spent a significant amount of time in July and August this year meeting with legislative members, their staff and various other parties. Several positive steps were taken by the Legislature and signed by the Governor including SB 901, which will hopefully provide a significant amount of help to small forest landowners across the state. Some of these bills may be picked up again in the next session.

Work has already begun on next year’s legislative session. There are going to be items from these bills that will need some tuning up. A huge thanks goes out to Larry Camp for his tireless effort this year to keep small landowners’ interests heard in Sacramento by the decision makers.  Should you have questions, direct them to legchair@forestlandowners.org.


Bill No.





AB 425 Caballero (D) Held on Senate Floor THP Exemption and Temp Roads Support
AB 1954 Patterson (R) Signed by Gov. Extends Exemption for clearing around homes and buildings Support
AB 1956 Limon (D) Signed by Gov. Grant program for fuels management Support
AB 2518 Aguiar-Curry (D) Signed by Gov. Forest Products and Mass Timber Production Support
AB 2889 Caballero (D) Signed by Gov. THP bill of rights Support
SB  1453 McGuire (D) Signed by Gov. Statute of Limitations FP violations Watch
SB 1260 Jackson (D) Signed by Gov. Change liability std. for fires likely to be amended in the next week Support
AB 2091 Grayson (D) Signed by Gov. Creates an insurance pool for prescribed fire - likely to be amended in the next week Support
AB 2551 Wood (D) Signed by Gov. Use of GHG funds for forest management Support
SB 1079 Monning (D) Signed by Gov. Grant funding for forest management including advances to landowners for forest management Support
AB 2627 Kalra (D) Failed to get out of Senate Fiscal Committee  Migratory bird protection with exemptions for THPs, etc. Support
AB 2528 Bloom (D) Vetoed by Gov. Climate adaptation Oppose
SB 473 Hertzberg (D) Signed by Gov. Calif Endangered Species Act Oppose
AB 2975 Friedman (D) Signed by Gov. Protection of wild and scenic rivers Oppose
SB 901 Dodd (D) Signed by Gov. Wildfire mitigation likely to be amended in the next week Support Actively
SB 1088 Dodd (D) Conference Committee Utilities resiliency and planning likely to be amended in the next year Watch