Legislative Update

May 22, 2017

Brian White, FLC Legislative Advocate
KP Public Affairs

This week there will be considerable action in the Senate and Assembly to decide whether bills will continue to move through the process and be allowed for full votes on the respective Floors. The following key bills have been sent to the Appropriations Suspense File and their fate will be determined by the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees on May 26. If any of the bills on Suspense File are held, then they will become two-year bills.  If any of the bills come off of Suspense, then they will be sent to the respective Floors and then must pass their house of origin by June 2 to remain alive.  Should be an interesting week just before the Memorial Day Holiday.

On Assembly Suspense File
On Senate Suspense File
There are also some bills we are tracking that are already on the Floor.  As mentioned above, these bills must pass the house of origin by June 2 to remain alive.
On Assembly Floor