Steep Terrain Hazardous Fuels Treatment Demonstration

Jun 08th - All Day
Jun 09th - All Day
Located Near Ice House, CA
Dear FLC Members and Others,
The USDA Forest Service, Cal Fire, and Sierra Pacific Industries in conjunction with the UC Cooperative Extension are sponsoring a hazardous fuels treatment demonstration (demo).
Focused on conventional and innovative technologies capable of operating on steep terrain (30% plus slope) the demo will be held on Sierra Pacific Industries managed lands near Ice House, California.  This demo will provide equipment vendors and contractors with an opportunity to demonstrate equipment and techniques that might not be currently utilized in northern California. Technology deployed will range from skid steer to excavator equipment, all equipped with mastication attachments to reduce brush and small trees to four inch minus woody material.  The demo will be convened over a five day period with target audiences invited to attend on June 8 and 9.  Equipment utilized will be observed for effectiveness, efficiency, cost, and resource impacts (e.g., soil disturbance, fire behavior).  Findings from the demo will be available Fall 2018.

Registration and Other Information
Click here to learn more, register or contact UCCE for more details.